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Radical (Clandestine Magic Book 2)

By Colleen Cowley

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Women have no ability to cast spells. That’s what wizards have said for generations—and it’s a lie.

this second book of the Clandestine Magic trilogy, Beatrix Harper wants
to expose the lie to protect her sister’s life. Her desperate plan:
Train tens of thousands of women in secret, then shock the nation with a
display of their magic. She thinks it will work—if only she can keep
the details from her town’s wizard, Peter Blackwell.

But that’s
nearly impossible thanks to their unwanted magical connection. Peter,
meanwhile, fears that his own desperate goal—to counter the terrible
weapon he should never have invented—is doomed to fail.

Their plans are about to collide. Disastrously.

you're a reader who prefers to know upfront whether a book has a happy
ending, what the level of violence or trauma is, whether there are sex
scenes and how substantial a part romance plays in the plot, go to colleencowley.com/details for that information. One scene in the
book includes a character discussing a past trauma, and the link has
more specifics.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Colleen Cowley