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Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man: A Paranormal Romance with a Beak! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between)

By N Gray

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I’m the last of my kind and hunted. 

They killed my protector; drove me out of my home, and now I have nowhere to go. During my escape, the hunters injured me. No longer able to fly, I stumbled upon a cabin in the woods seeking help. The man I met wasn’t happy to see a naked woman with hunters hounding her. All I wanted was medical attention and some food.

All I wanted was to live my life in isolation and enjoy my retirement in peace. But then a naked woman approached from deep within the forest, needing my help. I knew I shouldn’t help her, she would only bring trouble. The men after her would arrive soon, and I should chase her away. But I couldn’t.

Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

N Gray