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The Adventures of Jon Paul Chavalier

By Nicklaus Lee

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Jon Paul Chavalier is a wandering man. While on a daily walk in Toulon, France, he meets a stranger who informs him he will have a bright future filled with adventures and a shiny object. Years later it seems the stranger's prediction has come true when Jon Paul finds a gold coin and keeps it, despite his best friend's belief that the coin is cursed. Moments later, Jon Paul excitedly discovers the coin has the power to grant wishes without any idea that the coin was once held by some of the world's most powerful and evil men. As the cursed coin causes him to act strangely, Jon Paul embarks on a quest to learn more abou the coin and unveil its powers. But it is not long before Jon Paul is caught in a struggle between good and evil, both in the outside world and within himself. 
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ISBN: 9781312551503

Book Length: 320-650 Pages

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    Nicklaus Lee

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Nicklaus Lee