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Unlucky 13

By Nicklaus Lee

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On the streets of Brooklyn, in the city of New York, an organization of wealthy, ruthless men rule the city. A young man, recruited ad trained by one of the organization's top men, is assigned the task of providing protection for 13 retail stores in the heart of Brooklyn. Our young enforcer does so as much to please his lover and mentor as to earn a living. He is constantly in peril. A deadly encounter with a resident store owner nearly sends the young man to an early grave, but he turns the tables on the store owner and kills him. With the protection money in hand, the enforcer reports to his superior and shares the details of the attack. Though our young enforcer stands by his actions, the incident comes under intense scrutiny from hi superiors. As it often does in a world of violence, the enforcer's luck turns on a dime, and his world begins to crumble. Now he is the hunted. He puts his trust in one man: his mentor, his teacher, his lover. The trust is misplaced. Lured into a meeting in a dark alley, the young enforcer is gunned down by the very person to whom he had given his loyalty and entrusted his happiness. 

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  • Nicklaus Lee

    Nicklaus Lee

    2 years ago