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Bleed More, Bodymore

By Ian Kirkpatrick

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Joey's a Baltimore mechanic. One night, she receives a call from her best friend, asking for his car to be picked up from the infamous body dumping grounds of Baltimore: Leakin Park. When she arrives, there's little more around than a stalled-out car and a couple of ravens, so she leaves only with the car. Back at the body shop, it doesn't take long for the smell of rot to permeate the trunk. Inside? A corpse. The cops says her friend did it. His absence is his guilt, but Joey knows better. She will find her missing friend and she will prove his innocence.

But something isn't right in Baltimore. It's not just the feeling that someone is always watching from the city's abandoned buildings... Her search for her friend reveals something much worse hiding under her city. A ghost town, a reaper, regret. Suddenly, the city's rage and the stink rising out of the dirt make much more sense.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Ian Kirkpatrick