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Margaret of the North

By Evy Journey

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John Thornton and Margaret Hale honeymoon in a vibrant mid-century Paris gripped by an artistic revolution, and cafés were the place to be. They spend days of ease in Cadiz with her brother and his Spanish wife.
Returning to England invigorated by their trip, she deals with the problems of modernity and industrialization in harsh, bustling Milton. At the same time, she struggles with the age-old complexities of relating to her new husband and mother-in-law.
Tender and loving towards Margaret, he is less sensitive as she is to the needs of cotton mill workers’. Can this Victorian feminist tame her man, make him see things her way?
Can they both learn to relate to each other in a new way—more as unique individuals than persons taking on rigid roles?
Margaret of the North resurrects Elizabeth Gaskell’s feminist-leaning themes. It is also a love story that must contend with profound social and economic upheavals.
An enduring romance, a guilty pleasure..


Book Length: 150-320 Pages