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Scandals of an Earl's Daughter

By Samantha Holt

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A history of scandal might be the only thing these opposites have in common…

Lady Ivy Musgrave wasn’t especially surprised when a case of mistaken identity led to her near ruination. After all, scandal seems to be her birthright. What did come as a shock, however, was the scarred, wounded soldier who came to her rescue…and her overwhelming attraction to him…

Lord Cillian Pearce had no desire to be anyone’s hero. But that didn’t mean he’d abandon the lovely Ivy in her time of need. Their arranged marriage was an obligation he’d just have to live with. Falling in love with his new bride, though, was entirely out of the question…

It’s not long before Ivy learns there’s more to her brooding husband than meets the eye—and Cillian learns that happily ever after with Ivy might be possible after all. But when an enemy from Cillian’s past threatens the delicate bonds he’s started to form with Ivy, can their marriage—and hearts—survive the fallout?

Scandals of an Earl's Daughter involves a soldier with an unexpected title and a shy wallflower seem an unlikely combination in this steamy historical romance. If you love arranged marriages, mystery, a brooding hero and a little danger, be sure to purchase today!


Book Length: 150-320 Pages