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The Pied Pipers Be Brave

By John Newman

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After victory of the Great War in 1918 events took place that could only be described as supernatural. The German army once spoke of an evil and powerful force that terrorized the battlefields of Belgium and France. Whispers of this phenomena with unmerciful fury on either side of the salient became known as the war witch. She can enter the mind and confuse it and break it down to a deep helpless void. She fooled the heart of a British Officer who brought her back from the battlefields to a beautiful and serene hamlet in the Southwest of England. Now bedevilled by the war witch; the hamlet is her quarry, and the children are her prey. Only one man can stop her, but it would be twenty years and the courage of two evacuee children who put their lives at risk to save others. With the help of a guardian angel and the power of a mysterious crucifix, their means of defiance laid within the deep faith of God.
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