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By Kimberley D. Tait

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"... Tait's writing pulls the reader into Vandy's world with striking descriptions that vividly capture the settings, and introduces characters in a few deft strokes, making them lifelike and believable ... A promising historical fantasy series debut ..."--Kirkus Reviews

Magic isn't the only thing he inherited!

Trick rider in a traveling circus, seventeen-year-old Vandemere (Vandy) Petruska is caught between two worlds. As Vandy Davidson, he lives the legacy of the father who abandoned him, performing on his beloved horses in the circus ring. But he’s also his Romanian mother’s son. As Vandy Petruska, he seeks to deny the tarot magie his mother has gifted to him. But as the magie’s power over him grows stronger, he becomes aware that the bad luck in his life isn’t an accident. When his Romanian ancestors immigrated to America on the back of a trick horse, they brought something with them. Something evil. Now this evil is attacking him, and Vandy will have to learn to accept his mother’s magie if he is ever going to defeat the entity that has marked him for death.

Set against the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the 1930s American Southwest, Vandemere is a lyrical coming-of-age story that infuses magical realism into a young man’s journey towards manhood.

Vandemere is part one of a duology and the first book in the series. For the best experience, the author suggests reading Vandemere first. Fire Horse is the second book of the duology. It is possible to read the books out of sequence but not recommended.

This book is a gritty depiction of life in the 1930s American Southwest. It contains violence, coarse language, self-harm, and sexual situations. Some of its darker themes may be triggering to sensitive readers. Please use discretion when deciding if this book is right for you.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages