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Bringing Home The Rain

By Bob McGough

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Howard Marsh is a lot of things: a liar, a thief, a poor man’s wizard. He’s the product of a miserable county with more dirt roads than paved; where poverty and loss is the order of the day. He’s a man haunted by his past, and has yet to find any reason to try and piece himself back together.

Where we find him is at the bottom, eking out a living as a water witch, a copper thief, a finder of lost things. Living in a storage shed and trying to maintain what's left of the frayed relationships of the few family members who will still talk to him. Untrained, he uses the drugs that ravage his body to fuel his magic.

Within these pages Marsh will work to unravel two supernatural mysteries as only a redneck wizard can: poorly, and with much cursing. In Bringing Home the Rain he has to piece together just why it hasn’t rained in months within the bounds of a perfect circle just south of town. And in Dancing With Your Demons he’s on the trail of a missing woman whose now infamous son once burned down a church.

He is Howard Marsh, the Methgician.

He’s a travesty...but he’s the best hope Jubal County has.

(Warning: This book contains much cursing and foul language, as befits a tale told by a drug addled white trash wizard.)


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Bob McGough