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Murderous Little Darlings

By John Hennessy

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Meet Vampire siblings Marcus, Rocco and Juliana in the official first book in the best selling Tale of Vampires series
Are they truly members of the undead or not? And is anyone safe from their ghoulish games?
Three siblings. An endless list of victims. A whole lot of time to kill.

* * *

With two specimens of the undead on either side of her, Juliana knew there was no escape. Kill the one they had selected for her, or be killed, and become one of them. What had the neighbours in the road called them, back when their childhood pranks were just that?

Oh yes, she remembered now. Murderous Little Darlings. They had the faces of angels, but possessed the very soul of the Devil.

Marcus had fully embraced his vampire side from the moment he was born. Rocco was the second eldest, and had fought the temptation all of his life. Then Marcus finally broke him.

That just left Juliana. Will she resist them, or join in the hunt?

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˃˃˃ What other reviewers said.
"Liked it a lot, loved the end. Twists and turns then jumps out at you."

"One of the creepiest little books (YA) I have read in a long time."

" If you love horror you will love this."

"It was my first Vampire book I've read since Dracula. You never stop to consider if vampires can be real, it is a given after a couple of pages. Great read."

"Two hours of darkly humorous pure entertainment."

" I love a good vampire suspense story, and I want to know more about these little devils. For vampire lovers, Murderous Little Darlings will be a treat."

"I love the author’s writing style. It’s neat and superb and it’s everything I was looking in a genre like this."

"This is an unusual and very entertaining Vampire story.."

"I always look for originality, pace, and great characterisation in a book. Murderous Little Darlings scored on all counts."

"I am now almost sold on the whole idea of vampires, if the stories could all be this slick and funny. A well-deserved 5* stars."

"From Nosferatu to shiny Edward Cullen, the tale of the vampire has been done to death, yet Hennessy manages to find a new twist and it works well."

"A short, riveting tale that takes you in an unexpected direction."

"Murderous Little Darlings, whilst short, packs a punch, and the surprise ending, which I didn’t see coming, is brilliant."

"A must read black comedy, which is completely different and unique from your regular vampire stories."

"Will she embrace her dark side? Intriguing fiction..I am eager for more. Get your fangs into


Book Length: 60-150 Pages


John Hennessy