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Blood Mansion


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Peter Vanderbilt had a very special house built to his exact specifications. Unknown to almost everyone, the materials he used were ‘special.’ He searched the world, looking for parts of other haunted houses and places where acts of evil had taken place to build his final retreat. He then incorporated them into the very structure of his mansion. Why would someone intentionally build a haunted house? Was he a madman or the most brilliant mind of his generation?

Shortly after its completion, the owner offers the house to a young couple for their wedding. After the event, sixty-six guests, including the bride and groom, retired to their rooms. Their bodies are discovered the next day, except for the bride and groom. While rushing home to deal with this catastrophe, the homeowner's plane disappears over the Atlantic Ocean. The property is transferred to a Foundation and rented out to various families over the next twenty years; however, every seven years, more people die or go missing.

Two paranormal teams are called in to investigate when the property is inexplicably sold for unpaid taxes. By this time, the total of dead and missing has reached over one hundred.

When the two teams arrive, one is a legitimate paranormal research team from a respected university, and the other is from a hit reality tv show. They quickly learn that they will have to work together to survive the investigation.
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