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Korsha: The Weaving of Shadows: Short Paranormal Sci-fi Story

By The Archivist

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Six shadows stretched out...

... like serpents reaching out to grab her.

Slanting towards her and not to the east like all the others.

Korsha, a highly skilled spirit binder, is sent on a mission to reactivate a critical power plant during an intense winter storm that threatens to cause catastrophic power outages in the region. But when she arrives at the plant, she finds it completely abandoned. Delving deeper into the mystery, she discovers a terrifying truth: the crews have all been dragged into the shadows, their screams silenced by an unknown darkness.

Korsha's running out of time.

She must find a way to capture the shadow spirit before it too drags her into the inky blackness. With each step, the shadows close in, can she save herself and the power plant, or will she be consumed by the shadows like so many before her?

If you like science fantasy and horror then you'll love this heart-pumping story with spine-tingling suspense, and a terrifying antagonist, that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!


Book Length: 0-60 Pages


The Archivist