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Angel Falling

By A.D. Landor

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In this dark fantasy set in a world of Machiavellian Angels and honour code demons, one outcast Angel and a vampire spirit of war must work together to prevent an atrocity causing a spiral into a deadly war between the races.

Azshael is a disgraced Angel lost in remorse and shunned for falling in love with the enemy. Unexpectedly tasked with investigating the death of a vampire elite on Angelic soil, it quickly becomes personal when he discovers her murder bears similarities to that of his dead vampire lover.

Seeking answers, he joins forces with the 'Serrate' Lytta, an ancient vampire war spirit and sacred warrior bound in flesh, and the potent pair unearth a conspiracy which could destroy the long-standing truce and reignite the war between the races.

As a day of reckoning looms, Azshael will need all his wits to survive. But surviving is the one thing he’s always been good at. He’s not the ‘dead angel walking’ his enemies think he is.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages