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Blood Loss: A Vampire Story

By Andy Maslen

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Vampires are real. Deadly. And very, very hungry.

Caroline Murray thinks vampires are the stuff of fantasy. A successful lawyer, engaged to a brilliant, if erratic, scientist, she has no idea of the horror about to engulf her.

Ariane Van Helsing knows all about vampires. Her family have been fighting the lamia, as they call them, for centuries. She tries to convince Caroline of the danger facing her and her fiancé. She fails. At first.

In a series of journal entries, texts, emails, blog posts and "Hunt Books", we learn how Caroline discovers the truth about vampires. Their leader in the UK, Peta Velds. And what she has to sacrifice to defeat them.

This is not a teen romance, or a swoony fantasy about pale-skinned hunks who just can’t help lusting after a drop of the red stuff. BLOOD LOSS is a brutal, unsparing, bloody book about the creatures who feed on us in the dead of night.



ASIN: B07C3T25K2

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Andy Maslen