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Wicked Revelations: A Romantic Supernatural Mystery (Eternal Investigations Book 1)

By Jennifer Felton

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When the king of the human realm drops the protection of the jinnee, Maya Helms once again finds the life she is trying to create for herself and her family on the brink of ruin.

In the wake of tragedy, Maya Helms finds herself embroiled in a double murder investigation. She resolves to find out who is responsible for the deaths she and her family are suspected of committing, and comes up with a plan to fake her way through being a Private Investigator so she can try to gain access to the information the police have.

Which may be easier said than done when she comes face to face with Police Chief Cliff Devereux, the man who not only has his eyes on Maya and her family as murder suspects, but could also be the man who may just end up holding the key to Maya's heart.

When Maya finds herself in over head, she wonders if she can trust this man, this human, with her secrets or if he'll betray her as well. For not only do the lives of her family hang in the balance, but also the lives of her people who she is sworn to protect. And one wrong step could lead to more death.

If you ever wondered how Angel would fair in the world of True Blood, then you won’t want to hesitate to sink your teeth into Wicked Revelations.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages