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Love Beyond Death

By Alderin Ordell

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How many times would you die for the man you love? 

Jaime and Dustin are about to find out. Travel back to 1969 and the infamous Stonewall riots. Dustin is brutally beaten to death by Officer Leon. Days later, Jaime dies too. But he doesn't move on to the afterlife. Instead, he gets revenge!

Fast forward a generation when Jaime and Dustin are born again, but so is their killer! Will these three souls find peace this time? Or did Jaime and Dustin make a grave mistake in their previous life?

In this timeless story of the human heart, follow Jaime and Dustin as they struggle through time and generation to unravel their karma. Witness the power of true love as it burns in their hearts, empowers their souls, and brings them closer to peace and happiness one existence at a time.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages