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Draft Bust

By Hannah Henry

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One injured hockey player. One laid-off beat reporter. One giant mansion. Twenty-Eight days alone together.

Oliver Swan’s career is over. Everyone can see that. He’s been too injured to play for an entire season. But what legacy does a second overall player have to leave when he hasn’t actually achieved anything in his career?

He can already see the headlines: Draft Bust Retires After Underwhelming Career. Fuck that. He’s going to be remembered the way he wants to be. He’s going to write a memoir.

Well, he’s going to hire someone to ghostwrite his memoir. Enter Jordan Walsh, recently laid-off NHL beat reporter, and the only person who ever had anything nice to say about Oliver’s career.

When Oliver came up with the idea for them to spend all of February together in his house in Colorado, he hadn’t considered the fact that Jordan was beautiful. He hadn’t known how sweet he’d be. This is a disaster.

Draft Bust is a 48k, strangers-to-lovers, hurt/comfort MM romance with a happily ever after.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages