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Trouble for Dray: An African American Black Billionaire Romance Suspense Urban Fiction Series: Billionaire Dray Royce Series #6

By Sheila Murdock

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The Royce family has never been in more turbulent times as they are in now, and Dray is at the heart of it all. With his wife and kids missing, he has no idea when or if he will ever see any of them again, and this is all on top of the mystery surrounding the death of his out-of-wedlock child’s mother.

But her death is not going to be easy to solve as the authorities may think it is, and with all of the speculation saturating social media, it just doesn’t seem as if it ever will be, and Dray is not cooperating as much as he should since his mind is completely on having his wife and kids returned to him, but he doesn’t know if they’re even still alive . . . 


And this is just the beginning.


Trouble for Dray is the sixth book in the Billionaire Dray Royce series.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages