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Heart of the Soldier: Soldier in peril-strong heroine with magical secret historical romance

By Heidi Vanlandingham

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He battles the German war machine. Her magic helps the French Underground. Will love push them together or will the war pull them apart?

American Resistance fighter, Caroline Grayson, can “see” the war against the Nazis in her mind. After discovering an American soldier behind enemy lines, she must choose between one lone soldier or the lives of those trying to escape the tortures of the Nazi death camps.

Called to defend his country, Stuart Williams finds himself on the front line against the Nazi war machine. When an intriguing Resistance fighter puts her life in danger to help him, he must decide if his first allegiance is to the army or to the beauty who came to his aid. Will Caroline’s magic bring them together or will Nazi brutality sever them forever?

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ISBN: 1393351832

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Heidi Vanlandingham