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The Heart of a Hussar

By Griffin Brady

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He’s determined to protect his
country. But can he defend himself against the ultimate betrayal?


Muscovy, 1610. Jacek Dąbrowski yearns
to be recognized for his valor. Hoping his recent promotion to lieutenant will
help secure the lands he desires, the twenty-two-year-old Polish cavalry
officer earns instead the enmity of his captain. And his out-of-character
rescue of two innocents from slaughter sets in motion a chain of grave


Discovering the young woman and her
brother are not Russian enemies and have no kin, Dąbrowski escorts them back to
the castle in his homeland. But as the rivalry with his superior grows and the
blossoming beauty sparks a fire in his heart, the brave horseman may find his
dreams of glory lying in tatters.


Can the courageous warrior survive
hidden schemes that could destroy all he holds dear?


The Heart of a Hussar is the stirring first book in The Winged Warrior Series
historical fiction duology. If you like driven heroes, gut-wrenching twists,
and vivid scenes of combat, then you’ll love Griffin Brady’s well-researched

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ISBN: 978-1-7332763-3-7

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Griffin Brady