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Cabaret The Beat Of My Heart

By Krystal Predeoux

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Candice and Sarabella became friends in college, not troubled by their race. They see past the color of their skin. Sarabella is a wealthy white twenty one year old and Candice is a African American twenty year old. The two college students go to Fordham University in New York and are roommates. Sarabella and Candice grow found of each other, they share their secrets and life while living as roommates. Sarabella has a boyfriend named Jonathan who wants to be a major league baseball player. He plays for Fordham University and is their top player. Johnathan was discovered to be unfaithful in his relationship to Sarabella. Sarabella struggles with taking him back, but because she loves him, they make it work. While Sarabella is growing into a woman, Candice is still trying to find her way in life. Candice meets a African American man named Olivier that she is smitten by.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Krystal Predeoux