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THE QUEST FOR LOVE: A Poetic Journey

By Jessy C. Onah

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"When Poetry Speaks

The Story Narrates Itself."

Eight years ago, a divorce of mutual consent was contracted. But all is not as it appears. The discovery of an old diary of poems, breaks the calm, and mystery unfolds.

Set in modern day US...and in the world of Poetic muses. A family was trying to live out the psychological imprint left by the absence of a father and husband. Trying to be strong in face of emotional struggles.

Ethan grew up separated from his Dad. His childhood was devoid of fatherly presence and affection. The sudden discovery that Mom wants to remarry, did not go down well with him. Mom's being secretive about the identity of his would-be stepfather, raises Ethan's suspicion. His resentment of his parents may soon hit high, with his discovery of an old diary of poems in Mom's bookshelf.

The Quest For Love is an intriguing poetic story of friendship, family, disappointment, and the Journey of love. For lovers of Poetry and Poetic Romance. It is not only a poetic story of love but also Love's most worthy Self-help book.

Will Ethan's discovery of his parents' past lives...Will the fresh writings on the last pages of the diary help him in his quest to understand his parents.... Or will it be the greatest mistake of his life: destroying an already broken family?

Find out now. Grab a copy today! And let's get immersed in the world of Ethan, his struggles at family integration, AND POETRY!


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Jessy C. Onah