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By Nick Haskins

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Sixteen years ago, William Majors Sr. promised his young son, Billy, that he would always take care of him after his mother died. He vowed to raise his son into a man he would someday be proud of. William also vowed not to take another wife until Billy was all grown up, so he opted to live as a single man. That all changed the day Jennifer Payne walked into his life. Her seductive body and stunning beauty instantaneously capture William . . . and Billy. When Billy secretly deceives William – seemingly overnight – Jennifer finds herself trapped in a dangerous love trio with both Father and Son. When she chooses one over the other, a deadly line of betrayal will be crossed that will shake The Majors’ forever.
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ASIN: B0756N6PQ9

ISBN: 978-1502921635

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Nick Haskins