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My Hot Best Friend is an Irish Vampire

By Roxie McClaine

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Bend the knee. Take the Oath. Live forever.

South Boston, 1970.

When Leigh Austen’s husband died in the jungles of Vietnam, her world collapsed. But two Halloweens later, she’s ready to begin living her life again — starting by making amends with a longtime friend.

Charming Dublin expat Michael Kelly runs the most popular Irish pub in Southie. But no crowd of high-tipping revelers has ever been as welcome a sight as that of Leigh walking through his door. Hiding his heart — and his bloodlust —from her was difficult enough when she was married. Now? It’s impossible.

But mysterious deaths have the whole city spooked, and when Leigh is the next to be attacked, Michael’s act of protection reveals his secret: he’s the leader of a clandestine order of vampires, the Morrigan Brotherhood.

As Leigh steps into the world of the supernatural, she is forced to confront issues of power and politics that threaten to disrupt more than the vampire order...and has Michael always been this hot?

Celtic mythology intertwines with the rich history of Irish immigration in this suspenseful paranormal romance, set against the backdrop of The Troubles.

My Hot Best Friend Is An Irish Vampire is a dual POV, slow-burn, friends-to-lovers vampire romance with no cheating and an HEA. Enjoy as a standalone novel, or as the first volume in the Morrigan Brotherhood series.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages