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The Seduction of Emy and Other Stories

By A. R. Gregory

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35 crisp, literary short stories (over 700 pages worth), packed with human drama, quirky sex, nutty religion, and lots of not-gonna-take-it-anymore women, both human and otherwise.

Hi, I’m Emy, the nannybot from the title story in the literary short story collection "The Seduction of Emy and Other Stories.” No, they’re not sci-fi stories, though some contain some near-future technology. And I’m a nannybot, not a sexbot. Many of the stories have some sex, but only the right amount. Many have some religion too. But what’s any bunch of stories about the human train wreck without religion? Psychospeculative is how I would describe most of the stories in this 35-story collection. And oh yeah, there's lots of can-do, “won’t take it anymore” women in the stories, both human and otherwise — like me, Emy.

Engaging characters in quirky situations, for example:
• Sarah says they need a more versatile nannybot. Roger agrees.
• Too full-of-himself Jack picks the wrong cocktail waitress to play with.
• An old billionaire does the unthinkable to live forever.
• Her invention might change the whole male/female dynamic.
• The Young Crusaders’ poster boy is as quick with a gun as with a Bible verse.
• Even female robots have had enough of the male crap.
• An in-the-closet senator tries to prove himself worthy of his hot young wife.
• The legend of a heroic monster is born in the Deep South.
• An extragalactic mischief maker finds the perfect Earthling accomplice.
• An out-of-control contortionist faces reality.
• A moody hitman must be babysat till the bosses need him.
• And much more

See the author’s website, ARGregory.com and "The Seduction of Emy and Other Stories" trailer on YouTube.


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Book Length: 650+ Pages