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Reckless Kiss

By Grace Harper

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Archer Turner never thought he’d ever leave his career on an oil rig. Now he finds himself striking a deal with his aunt to take over the family hotel. All he had to do was find a wife.

Archer is returning home, where he can trace his ancestry for hundreds of years.

The oil rig he and his siblings worked on is shutting down. It was the same rig his father worked on too, but he is long gone. Archer’s only family apart from his siblings is his cantankerous aged aunt.

If his father were alive, Archer would take over running the hotel. But he’s not, and his aunt, the current owner, is shrewd as she is conniving. The four siblings will inherit the hotel eventually, but Archer needs it now.

His aunt will give them the hotel early if her proviso is met. All four children come home, and Archer marries within one year.

Where the hell would he find a wife willing to marry a man who had oil embedded under his fingernails?


Book Length: 150-320 Pages