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Colton Day: “I Hate to Lose”

By William Black

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“Do I need to remind you to take care of yourself?” she reminded him.
“Don’t worry about me. I still hate to lose, dear,” Colton mildly admonished her.

Colton Day does not get a chance to rest much as yet another threat has come to the rugged frontier town of Temple Ridge.

Earlier in the year, former lawman Colton defeated a killer gang and then thwarted a group of kidnappers.

Now, Birch Simmons has come to town and killed Temple Ridge’s Mayor Huck Flinton.

But bringing the corrupt rancher Simmons to justice will be a monumental challenge. This challenge naturally falls on Colton and his riding partner Caroline Kelly, who has seen Simmons leaving the murder scene.

As Simmons retreats to Hollis, the town’s sheriff requests Caroline to come to Hollis to testify against Simmons. In the 15-mile journey to Hollis, Colton and Caroline already have to avert a few attempts made on their lives.

When they finally reach Hollis, they discover that the dangers they face are far bigger than they could ever imagine, in a time when lawlessness rule the Old West.

Will the combined bullets of Colton and Caroline be enough to save them?
Or will Colton finally lose at the biggest fight of his life?

Another classic western with respectful romance and women as strong frontier folk from author William Black.

Note: Each book in the American Post-Civil War Westerns series is a standalone story that can be read out of order.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


William Black