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Dance Around the Dandelion

By Dima Bader

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That pivotal moment transforms us at our core, leaving us forever changed. Is it destiny or misfortune?

Ever since a brutal calamity struck Nuha years ago, she has cocooned herself in a predictable, monotonous existence—a self-imposed routine. Her days revolve around familiar locales in Amman, never varying. Evenings are dedicated to perusing the pages of a young girl’s diary with a dandelion-adorned cover.

But one day, an encounter upends her world, forcing her to confront an unrecognizable version of herself. This self is driven by a desire to break free, rediscover forgotten passions, and embrace happiness anew. From where did this sudden urge come? Should she grasp it or let it slip? What risks does it entail?

And whose dandelion-adorned diary is Nuha drawing strength from as she entertains all the other questions?

Spanning three generations of Jordanians, Dance Around the Dandelion delves into intricate emotions of loss, guilt, resilience, and determination. Explore the struggle to kindle hope in dark times when death seems a tempting escape. Dima Bader contemplates the profound power of relationships in lightening our burdens and soothing our inner demons.


ISBN: 979-8891321779

Book Length: 150-320 Pages