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By E. M. Duesel

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He has lost
everything. Life’s turbulent path had already taken Jeff Townsend’s wife by
cancer, but now the company he worked for was filing bankruptcy and closing its
doors. Jeff’s wife’s medical bills depleted him financially and losing his job
left him homeless. As a last resort, he moves to Michigan to live with his
brother. As he settles in, he is driven to understand this deplorable social
condition and becomes friends with a band of homeless people, a passionate
priest and beautiful rabbi. Together they tackle the problems, but personally
rub up against its dangerous sting. Jeff is propelled into an adventure of
precarious existence led by life’s brutal interruptions. What he realizes is
that homelessness is more than a battle for survival. It is a fight to maintain
dignity in a world where hope is sometimes tied to money and influence, and
people who judge rather than understand.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages