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A Girl Named Dara

By Tom Flynn

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"A novel you won’t want to put down until you get to the very last page." - Mary S. Schaeffer, Best-Selling Author

"The writing lands somewhere between waking dream and polaroid glimpse into post-adolescence." - Jonas Ball, Writer, Director of "WALNUTS, the Movie."

When Jeff Newcastle meets Dara, a beautiful Belarusian girl, on the first day of poetry class at UCLA, he imagines he’s stumbled onto the perfect college romance. Unfortunately, his fixation on Dara’s beauty prevents him from seeing the truth about her tragic life.

Doubting a normal relationship could ever be possible, Dara pulls some mysterious strings to redirect Jeff’s affection toward Carey, a sweet and kindhearted coed in Jeff’s circle of friends.

Jeff’s romance with Carey blossoms steadily until he’s awakened by a late-night phone call and summoned by a man’s voice to a large estate in the Hollywood Hills. It is here where Jeff finds that a bruised and bloodied Dara has locked herself in an upstairs bathroom.

Jeff does his best to pull Dara immediately out of danger, but he soon realizes it is only the beginning of his problems. Jeff must find a way to save Dara without falling deeper into her chaotic world or sacrificing his budding relationship with Carey.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Tom Flynn