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Joey Mancuso Crime Mysteries: Volumes 1 - 3 (Joey Mancuso Mysteries)

By Owen Parr

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The first 3 unique detective crime mysteries from Joey Mancuso (former NYPD detective) and Father O'Brian. Mancuso is a means to an end guy and doesn't put up with the typical bureaucracy. Working together with his half-brother, a priest, they work their crime investigations out of an Irish Pub in Lower Manhattan, which they own. "Riveting."

Fans of New York detective shows from Blue Bloods to Elementary will find it right up their alley, and devotees of Golden Age mysteries will love it, especially those set in New York, like Ellery Queen and Nero Wolfe; and those starring brainy clergymen, like Father Brown, The Rabbi, and Father Dowling.Author Owen Parr has modeled his heroes after Holmes and Watson, and all the Doylesque markings of a head-scratching, heart-racing puzzler lie in these pages.


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Book Length: 650+ Pages

Owen Parr