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Murder in the Maple: A Candle Shop Cozy Mystery (Wicked Wick Mysteries #2)

By Melrose McFadden

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A sledgehammer, a corpse, and a maple-scented mystery...

Renovations at the old Fall Haven Maple Factory are right on target until an overenthusiastic giant dog reveals a secret long hidden in the historic walls: a body!

The local sheriff is too busy investigating a string of fires to be of much help on this one. As the fires pop up closer and closer to the center of town, Fall Haven residents become more spooked. So amateur sleuths Leigh Hill and Paloma Finch step out of their comfort zone at the Wicked Wick candle shop and into the sticky situation. With their eclectic team of helpers, they must dig into the factory's not-so-perfect past to determine who the victim was and who did the dirty deed, before the old maple factory or their beloved candle shop go up in smoke.

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