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Where the Blood is Made: A Sebastien Grey Novel (The Sebastien Grey Novels Book 3)

By Ryburn Dobbs

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How can a living woman’s bones be inside a box in the morgue?

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Sebastien Grey is certain that they are. But unless he can convince the Custer County Sheriff that a long-forgotten missing persons case is a homicide, the truth may stay hidden forever.

Sebastien and Detective Tiffany Reese team up once again to solve one of the county’s most baffling mysteries. Amber Harrison disappeared ten years ago, and most people believe she left town with a new boyfriend. But others feel that the investigation was botched from the beginning. The evidence will uncover a dark conspiracy perpetrated by the most unlikely suspects.

As if that weren’t enough, an odd man visits Sebastien and promises him a large sum of money in return for his professional opinion. But the request — help prove that Native American remains were brought onto a construction site by accident — seems far too simple to be real. Something isn’t right. Will he live long enough to find out what’s really behind the strange offer?

Ryburn Dobbs is a forensic anthropologist and investigative analyst with extensive experience working with law enforcement on homicide, unidentified body, and missing persons cases. The forensic elements in his Sebastien Grey novels are based on his own casework.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages