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Jack Ryder Murder Mysteries Novellas 1-3

By Owen Parr

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Three of a kind cozy mystery novellas a la Agatha Christie.

Jack Ryder retired Wall Street Analyst now a mystery author reluctantly joins the Miami Beach Police as a consultant. Jack is happy living aboard a 54 foot yacht with his beagle Max in a South Beach marina. His new life style do not include suits, ties, alarm clocks, and schedules, he;'s carefree after a recent divorce. The last thing he wants is working as a detective consultant but a murder on a South Beach copied his last best seller and now he must prove his innocence. 

Unique murders require his analytic process to find the killers in all three novellas that are fast-paced and challenging to figure out.

Novella 1 - The Case of the Dead Russian Spy

Novella 2 - Murder Aboard a Cruise to Nowhere

Novella 3 - Murder at The Beach Cove Hotel


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Owen Parr