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Love and Money, Another Murder (A Sheridan Hendley Mystery Book 6)

By Christa Nardi

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No one wants to believe murder can happen in their neighborhood.

is nothing new for Sheridan Hendley, amateur sleuth, or her husband,
Detective Brett McMann. Still, shots fired add a layer of tension to
babysitting and being neighborly. This time the murder is too close for
comfort. There are no witnesses and no verified identification of the
victim, not to mention the car accident prompting Sheridan to be next
door. Questions are raised about an investment company and business
practices. Could a kitten have the key to the motive and killer?

Sheridan works with the police to identify the murdered victim, she
discovers investment scams that target the elderly with fake promises
and visits a towering conglomerate in the middle of nowhere. What kind
of company requires employees to sign a nondisclosure agreement,
arranges for them to live in a designated subdivision, and plants
listening devices in their homes? Was the victim killed because of what
she discovered? As more information is revealed, Sheridan is in danger.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Christa Nardi