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Welcome Home to Murder: Book One

By Cindy Kline

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A cozy mystery with a touch of Irish charm, where family ties and old grudges collide in a tangled web of murder and suspicion.

After a failed marriage in the US, Molly McGuire heads back to her hometown in Ireland to reconnect with her family. But her pleasant homecoming is spoiled by the appearance of her childhood nemesis Margery Denton, who is now dating her brother, Dillon. Things take a dark turn when Margery is found murdered, and both Molly and Dillon are suspected of the heinous crime. Despite sexy Detective Liam Fitzgerald's warnings to stay out of the investigation, Molly steps up her game and unleashes her inner Miss Marple to find the real killer. Can she find the culprit before the wrong person gets arrested?



Book Length: 150-320 Pages