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Murky Murder: An Utterly Addictive Cozy Murder Mystery (A Maid Ivy Cozy Mystery Book)

By Hazel Smith

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Mysterious guests, a threatening letter, and a murky murder to solve.
Everything is looking up for Ivy Stone, Hotel LaFontaine’s new headmaid.
Her first date with her new beau and boss Mr. Humphrey, was a smashing success. Now, she’s ready for any mess as London’s elite arrive for a business conference – except for a murdered guest.
Armed with mid-West grit, insatiable curiosity, and fabulous friends on staff, Ivy tightens her apron strings and dives right into the whirlwind of intrigue.

Cryptic letters and secret codes reveal everyone is hiding something, even trusted staff no one would suspect.

When a direct threat is made against Mr. Humphrey, even Ivy’s best fluffy friend, Monty the Great Dane may not be able to sniff out the clues in time.

Ivy must make sense of this muddy mess soon because the greatest threat in the hotel isn’t against her new sweetheart..it’s against her.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Hazel Smith