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Death in Soho

By Emily Organ

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It’s the Roaring Twenties. London’s bright young things are partying and Augusta Peel is hiding in her basement.

Book repairer Augusta Peel needs some peace and quiet after serving her country in the war. Forget jazz bands and sequins, she’s happy with a canary for company and old books.

But events take a turn when Augusta agrees to chaperone a young woman for the night. Failing to get her home on time, she ends up in a rowdy nightclub. She can’t imagine the evening getting worse when the police raid it. But then the murder happens.

Who shot Jean Taylor? An old acquaintance at Scotland Yard persuades Augusta to help with his investigation. But how can a reluctant sleuth navigate Soho’s world of actresses, gangsters and theatre impresarios to discover the truth?

ASIN: B099P4MW33

Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Emily Organ