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By Terry Toler

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Jamie Austen joins forces with homicide detective Cliff Ford to solve a murder in Chicago.

Finalist for 2022 Best Book Award for Mystery/Suspense with American Bookfest.

A gripping mystery from International #1 Best Selling Author, Terry Toler.

Cliff Ford is trying to move on from his past. Now he's in a fight for his future. He meets a mysterious woman in a coffeeshop. She says her name is Anna. A connection is made. He feels an immediate spark. Something he hasn't felt in over a year. Since his wife was killed by a drive by shooter.

Cliff is a homicide detective in Chicago. He's summoned to the morgue and is shocked to find the body of a woman, a Jane Doe, who looks exactly like Anna!

Are they the same person? Is it possible?

The mystery sends Cliff deep into the heart of a gang called the Strikers. His life is in danger, and he risks his own job to find the truth. Complicated by a blonde-haired woman who is leaving dead Strikers at every turn.

Jamie Austen?

Read Anna to learn how the Jamie Austen Spy Thrillers and the Cliff Hangers mysteries intersect.
FYI**** Every book is a standalone and comes to a satisfying conclusion. Read in order for the best reading experience.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages