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The Ivy League Chronicles: What Lies Within Book 4

By EK Prescott

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Dive into the depths of the secret order of Yale's infamous Skull & Bones!

Professor Richard Wikki is back home in New Haven, Connecticut, after his adventure in London, where he solved a murder with the help of his research assistant, Maise. An old friend enlists Wikki's help in investigating Yale University's Skull and Bones secret order and its members. But Wikki soon realizes he is the one who is being watched. He questions who is watching him and why. And what do they want from his protege and Maize's brother, Scott?

As Professor Wikki investigates the strange occurrences and mysterious notes hinting at imminent danger, he tries to unravel the multiple mysteries that could mean life or death to those closest to him.

What Lies Within is book 4 in The Ivy League Chronicles series. If you are ready to delve into the conspiracy and deadly secrets buried within the dark halls of prestige, buy What Lies Within today!
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

EK Prescott