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Memories of the Dead

By Evelyn James

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One murder. Two suspects. Bad things happen when you mess around with a mother’s grief.

Clara Fitzgerald is struggling to make her name as a private detective in 1920s Brighton, when most people think women cannot solve crimes. Undaunted by the prejudice she faces, she sets out every day to her humble office in the hope someone will ask for her help.

Then she meets Mrs Wilton; a scatter-brained, emotional widow who believes her dead husband can lead her to lost treasure from beyond the grave. Ignoring her better judgement, Clara is drawn into the case. There is nothing she detests more than people abusing another’s grief and that is exactly what a fake psychic is doing to Mrs Wilton.

Wanting to help and understanding Mrs Wilton’s grief all too well, Clara makes a promise to aid her. But when matters take a dark twist, Clara finds herself accused of murder. Can she prove her innocence, along with proving herself as a detective?

Memories of the Dead is the first novel in this cosy, entertaining, historical murder mystery series by Evelyn James.

If you love engaging, quick-witted, no-nonsense female heroines solving dastardly, mind-boggling murders – and doing it all while armed with no more than a sharp hatpin or fire poker – then you’ll love Evelyn James’ page-turning, 1920s, detective series.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Evelyn James