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Until Morning Comes

By Jonathan Epps

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Ava Rose Anderson is fighting for her freedom. Denied a privileged life, she is caught in the devious grip of an international trafficking ring. Confronted by the ultimate depravity of this underworld, she escapes, only for it to haunt her relationships, her future, her world. Ava’s former captors, Jeffrey Hoffman and his network of global elites, hold every option in keeping their secrets, silencing anyone who steps out of line. But Ava pursues them nonetheless. Only one woman, an accomplice in Hoffman’s criminal trade, might provide the closure Ava desperately seeks. Will she track her down? And will Ava get from her what she needs to resolve the ravages of the past?

ASIN: B092X91XV9

Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Jonathan Epps