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DEADLY MOUNTAINS: A Steve Thibault Mystery of Suspense


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Be careful what you wish for. 

 That would be good advice for the three women in DEADLY MOUNTAINS set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in the late Depression and in the present in Raleigh. The seemingly accidental death of a young mother, Rebecca Jennings, in the past, has repercussions in the present as her surviving daughter, Marion Thibault, abandoned as a baby, yearns to learn to about her birth family. Marion’s new daughter-in-law, Gemma Farnese, anxious to offer to assistance with genealogical research, pulls her husband Lt. Steve Thibault into the mystery uncovering heart wrenching details. 

 The story toggles between the past and the present, the mountains and the piedmont, as the reader learns about Rebecca and John’s life in the past, one of sudden wealth, resentment, sibling jealousy and murder. The pattern continues in the present as Steve Thibault and his wife Gemma are met with resistance and hostility by the newly discovered Jennings kinfolk.

What will this present-day generation of Jennings do to protect the family name, its secrets, and all it has acquired?

 DEADLY MOUNTAINS is the gripping third book in the Deadly mystery series. If you like emotionally engaging characters, the search for identity, and a suspenseful tale, you’ll love Andrea Ibáñez’s book.




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Book Length: 150-320 Pages