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A Precarious Homecoming: An Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery

By D.S. Lang

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Arabella Stewart, grieving the losses
of her parents and brother, returns home from serving as an Army Signal
Corps operator in the Great War determined to save Ballantyne, her family
resort. An impediment arises when she becomes involved in a murder
investigation. Helping solve the crime is crucial, but Bella must work
with Constable Jackson Hastings. Once part of her life, Jax turned his
back on Bella after her brother, his best friend, died in the trenches.
His cold attitude hasn’t softened, but she can’t let that stop her. Both
her hometown and family resort, once popular tourist destinations, may not
survive if the crime isn’t solved quickly.

Jax, a war veteran, faces his own
challenges. Wounded in body and spirit, his dreams shattered, he finds
himself doing what he said he’d never do—follow in his father’s footsteps
as constable. When a crime wave hits town, culminating in murder, his
competence is questioned. In a struggle to find the killer and save his
job, Jax needs all the help he can get—but he doesn’t want assistance from
Bella. Not when he feels responsible for her brother’s death. But more is
at stake than his job. He can’t stand by and let Moreley become a ghost
town. Nor can he watch while Bella loses Ballantyne.

Working together is the only way to
solve the crime and offer hope—to their community and for themselves. Will
their efforts succeed, or will it be a precarious homecoming

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages