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A Sleuth in The Summer of Love: A Gwen Harris Mystery (The Gwen Harris Mystery Series Book 3)

By Carol Sheldon

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Gwen Harris is caught in the clutches of an ex-con Sonny while
visiting her aunt at a retirement home. Sonny is hell-bent on finding
and settling the score with his sister. Decades earlier, a policeman was
shot in a bootlegging drop during Prohibition. Sonny took the rap for
it, while his sister disappeared. Now, out of prison and crawling the
halls of The Haven where he believes his sister lives, he forces
Gwen to take him to her apartment. Escaping, she tries to set a trap for
him. Captured again, Gwen gets caught deeper and deeper in the web of
his agenda—fighting to escape his grasp. What happens if Sonny kills the
wrong woman? As the tightrope gets higher and higher, find out if Gwen
will be able to outwit this man and escape?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages