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Practical Survival Skills: First Aid & Natural Medicines in a Survival Situation

By J.P. Logan

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Know how to take care of yourself and your
loved ones when disaster strikes with these essential survival skills


Can you foresee when the next disaster will


Do you know what to do if a medical
professional isn’t available?


Are you equipped to survive the unpredictable
situations in life?


It’s incredible how far modern medicine and
technology have come.


You can Google ‘how-to’ for almost anything, find quick solutions, and help is
just a phone call away.


If you are in a well-functioning city, it is all readily available to you,


But if you're out hiking or camping in the


Cut off from bustling urban amenities with no phone
signal or ways to get help…


And you are faced with an injury in the best
case scenario, or worse, with a life-threatening


Well, then
you are on your own -- and whatever you do must suffice for as long as your
survival predicament lasts.


Luckily, nature has your back!


Any survivalist knows that the best medicine for any type of injury is


You no longer have to freeze in the face of


Everything you need for a DIY splint, pain
relief, and assuring your long term
can be found in the great outdoors.


Discover what goes in a natural first-aid kit,
how to stop bleeding using a simple stick hack, and the key principles of
first-aid in the wilderness.


Survival skills give you the necessary
knowledge to keep yourself and those around you healthy and alive.


In Practical
Survival Skills
, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:


An essential handbook to protect you, your family, and others when help
is not available right away... or at

Practical first-aid skills and
crucial knowledge of nature’s remedies that could one day mean the difference
between life or death

Illustrated steps for you to
assess injuries, administer first-aid, and use resources available in the

7 common items you can use as improvised treatment for sprains,
strains, and broken bones
-- no special equipment or
preparation needed

How to do an evaluation of
injuries in 6 steps -- know the signs, symptoms, and treatment plan

A comprehensive list of survival
medicine plants -- discover nature’s aspirin, how to identify poisonous plants,
and where to find a plaster in the woods

The ultimate instructional guide for you to be your own doctor in any
survival situation


And much


Even if you already know the basics of
first-aid, anyone can freeze when faced with stressful situations and
unexpected events.


Survival in an everyday urban environment
requires very different skills than in the wilderness.


Survival Skills
is tailored to saving your life in
austere environments and providing you with a survivalist mindset.


When the next disaster strikes, are you
willing to leave your life up to chance?

you’re no longer willing to gamble with your wellbeing and the safety of your
loved ones, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

J.P. Logan