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Get Bail, Leave Jail: America’s Guide to Hiring a Bondsman, Navigating Bail Bonds, and Getting out of Custody before Trial

By Sean Plotkin

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When you or someone you care about is incarcerated, your priority is to
secure a safe release as soon as possible. This can be overwhelming. You
may feel rushed and might make bad decisions based on incomplete or
inaccurate information—decisions that carry serious long-term

Get Bail, Leave Jail helps Americans safely
navigate legal accusations, arrests, bail bondsmen, and the most
complicated court procedures. Its guidance stems from more than 60 years
of family experience in bail, working with thousands of people in need,
countless criminal defense lawyers, and all manner of law enforcement
and court officials.

Within these pages, you'll find detailed advice about:
· Five types of bail agencies (including how to check their reputation and qualifications).
· Eleven questions to ask a bail bondsman or bail agent before hiring them.
· Five ways to get out of jail (and how to speed up release).
· Eight ways that getting out of jail can be delayed (and how to avoid them).
· The most common bail bond forms and contracts you'll encounter.
· Twenty-one types of items you can use as bail collateral to secure your bond money.
· Navigating criminal court procedures and ensuring the exoneration of your bail bond.
· How to prepare your defense in court, how to reduce sentencing, and maybe even how to stay out of prison completely.

arrest is difficult, whether it's a DUI, traffic ticket, shoplifting,
domestic violence, drug possession, white collar crime, or an even more
serious charge. But defendants who get out on bail are better prepared
because they have more time, more options, and can seek better help.
Read Get Bail, Leave Jail to prepare yourself with this vital information before you or your loved ones ever need it.




ISBN: 978-1945884160

Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Sean Plotkin