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Your Best Body After 45

By Bryant Willis

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Accelerate your workout gains, ward off aging, and achieve all your fitness goals without setbacks, injuries, or unreasonable time demands.

With this reliable go-to resource, you can transform yourself from a trainee... to a confident strength training enthusiast for life.

In Your Best Body After 45, you will discover: 

  • When and how to go from basic exercises to more advanced routines, diets, and techniques in strength training

  • 10+ safest, most effective exercises for building muscle and strength

  • Why you’re falling into a slump and not making progress -- and what you can do about it

  • How to train smart and see results without getting injured or making an existing condition worse

  • The tasty, safe, and effective alternative to expensive muscle-building supplements

  • The huge role of proper nutrition in helping you achieve your fitness goals

  • The #1 mistake fitness enthusiasts make that lead to burnout

  • No-nonsense advice on supplements and performance enhancers 

  • 5+ best tips from medical experts for strength training if you’re dealing with arthritis, back pain, circulatory problems, and other conditions

  • Why short, intense workouts are the way to go -- and the best way to implement this approach in your training

And much more.

With strength training, you’ll maintain an active and high-quality life while most people your age struggle with movement, balance, flexibility, and more.

Your fitness journey may be tough at times, but it will be enjoyable and rewarding, especially with Your Best Body After 45 to guide and inspire you along the way.

Take your strength training to the next level and experience its lifelong benefits.

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