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The Lifespan Movement: Progress. Purpose. Happiness

By Nayana Williams

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Are you ready to join the Lifespan Movement?

“I wrote
this book to share what I’ve learned in business and life with other
women or anyone seeking to build self-confidence. The Lifespan movement
is centred on the power of connection, understanding your “why”, and
using that to live a purpose-driven life.”  -
Nayana Williams

would-be entrepreneurs hold themselves back because they think they’re
not qualified, don’t have what it takes, too young or inexperienced to
just get started. In The Lifespan Movement, Author and
award-winning CEO Nayana Williams shares her story of becoming a mother
to a special needs child at the age of 21, and starting a successful
bottled water manufacturing business in a male-dominated industry, while
overcoming several challenges on the journey to finding peace,
unlocking purpose, and building community committed to progress for all.

book is both a touching memoir and a practical personal transformation
guide. Nayana’s honesty and transparency equips readers with the
knowledge to face and overcome mental, financial, and spiritual barriers
to successfully create their own vision of success and reality of

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages